See you in twenty years

The fine folks over at Sonic's PR house invited me to come try their food again. It had been twenty years since I'd visited a Sonic drive-in. I was offered a $50 Sonic gift card to try Sonic's menu. I knew It would take me some time to use all $50 so I invited three friends to join me for lunch in Westport.

Darin the manager hooked us up with all kinds of goodies. I had the Chicken Fried Steak sandwich and tater tots with cheese. I don't eat a lot of fried food these days so it tasted pretty greasy. To add to the greasy flavor was the fact that the oil the tots were cooked in was either past it's time or the oil wasn't hot enough. This resulted in tots that were super grease laden, nearly dripping with oil. My sandwich was good, definitely on par with most other fast food places. The other guys had the Foot-Long Coney Dogs and burgers. They enjoyed their meals, especially the Coneys. I think the ice cream shakes and sundaes were the biggest hit among the group, no surprise there.

Get over to Sonic and get some food. I'm not all that into fried foods but I know your fat ass can't get enough.


Midtown Food Guy said...

Thanks for the invite?

I used to eat at Sonic every once in a while, but I would have to agree with the oil comment. Anything that is dipped in their oil is going to taste like funky.

Also, there is the eternal debate of how much (or even whether) to tip the person that skates out to deliver your food (I know they rarely skate anymore, but you get the point). I tip, but I'm not giving them 20% or anything.

Tarl said...

Sonic came on the when I was in high school. In those days i pretty much survived on a diet of jeno pizza rolls and the Frito chili pie at sonic. A few years ago I pulled into a sonic to get the Frito pie for old times sake. What the hell happened. I mean maybe my memory is a little screwed up from things that made me crave the Pie. But I'm pretty sure the quality and size definitely took a down turn. Anyway for a burger I'm mostly going to Grandstand on Merriam lane. There you don't have to make small talk with the staff. ( Actually I'm pretty sure they would just like you to order and then keep your mouth shut ). And that big ball of meat they throw on the grill looks like 100% beef to me. No frills, no bullshit on that burger.