If you don't know, well, you don't know.

I'm talking about the greatest sandwich on earth.... the Italian Beef sandwich. Born in Chicago, this big feller doesn't taste the same if prepared outside of the Windy City. I've tried dozens around Kansas City and other cities, none compare. There is always something not right about it. It's a simple sandwich but, it seems, nearly impossible to replicate outside Chicago. Bread, beef, giardineria and au jus. Sounds simple right? Call me in 1000 years when you've perfected it. Until then guess I'll go to Chicago or Venice Beach!! My favorite place to get one is Max's on Western.

That's right, Chicago's own "Mr. Beef" has setup shop on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Read all about it here.  I'll try one if I find myself around Venice Beach while I'm in L.A. next week.

Here are some awesome pictures of the best sandwich on earth! 

If you don't know, well, you don't know.

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lucius0729 said...

Please tell me where in Kansas City I can get an Italian beef.