Good riddance

The Corner Restaurant closed. This should have happened many years ago when the crowds left. Hearne talks about it here. What is next for the space? Another tattoo parlor? Another super hip clothing store? Maybe retro home furnishings? I'd like to be surprised by the next tenant, I doubt that I will.


Fresh Fish Creative said...

They lost me at turban crowd. What was he thinking?? I thought he meant urban and it was a typo, but noooo, it was really turban crowd and they all started going to Jerusalem Cafe. No wonder. What a douche.

Midtown Food Guy said...

I spoke to the guy who owns the building and he said something is in the works. He also said that it has a beer/wine license ability (meaning someone can't protest or block an eatery setting up there that serves beer/wine). Could be interesting... aw... probably won't be.