Not too fancy...

Often on this blog I write about fine dining options in the KC area. And those places are great. But sometimes you just need a quick bite and a beer (and maybe check the score of the big game).

It is with that goal in mind that I stopped into a TGIF near Oak Park mall this past weekend. While I didn't get the deep fried heart stopping shrimp shown above, I did get some tasty BBQ chicken wraps and some tostada nachos. The service was great. The food was solid. And the price was reasonable.

For those of you wanting top notch service, they even employ two high school kids to do nothing but open the doors for people (a little odd given our economic times that two employees at a chain place would do nothing but open the inner set of doors for people, but hey, it is two more jobs out there).

The point is that sometimes it's alright to just hit a chain for a quick bite without feeling guilty. The experience was good. Try one today.

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