Three Wolf Moon T-shirt goes uber viral

Sales of the “Three Wolf Moon Shirt” are up 2300% after word got out that it was getting priceless customer reviews on Amazon. Hundreds of reviewers are vying to be the funniest.

You gotta read some of these.

It gets better from there. The manufacturer is not exactly pleased with the reviews. Link

Also check out the hilarious reviews of Tuscan Whole Milk (new and used from $199.99) there are 1050 of reviews for viewing enjoyment. Some of them are practically novel in length.

"I thought I'd save a little money on this product so I clicked on the 'Order it used' button. Boy, was that a mistake! When new, this product is just fine. When used, it's almost undrinkable.
So, if you're in the market for Whole Milk, heed my advice, buy new"

"I write to you to express the joy in the depth of my heart for this product. Having lost my leg in a terrible aquarium accident I was left a cripple whose only pleasure came from thai ladyboys dressed like richard nixon. But now through the miracle of Tucson milk I am able to live like a man again. So great was its ability to strengthen bone that my missing left leg has grown back (well just the bone) and I am able to once again statisfy a woman. No more shall those poor boys have to suffer saying 'I am not a crook' while dressed in satin."

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