Kansas City Lunch Spots

Here is a cool website reviewing lunch spots around KC.

Pictured above (and in the header of the site) is an Italian Beef sandwich. Italian Beef sandwiches are native to Chicago, so I don't know why he has one pictured on his site. It is, in my opinion, the best sandwich on the planet. The best beef sandwich can be found at Max's Italian Beef, on Western Ave. in Chicago.

Check it out, it's a cool site. I like what he says about food in KC compared to other cities.

"Other cities like Chicago and Philly have their blue collar delicacies available on every corner. That's because people appreciate a a humble hot dog or a sandwich enough to turn it into a thing of beauty. Here, places like The Mixx have turned salad into a thing of beauty but they are gonna charge you twelve bucks for it and make you sit next to intolerable brookside couples with misbehaving children. In New York you can see stock brokers munching the country's best slice out on the street next to a homeless person. They're eating the same food because it's good and cheap and doesn't take forever."

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DLC said...

Just think of the italian beef as something for kc to aspire to. And thanks for the shout out, i'll link you from the site, for what it's worth.