Occasionally I run across a great new food location and I'm actually reluctant to post about it.  Because it's just that good.  I don't want my new favorite place overrun with thousands of readers of our blog (There's thousands that read this thing... right?).

But the Broadway Butcher Shop, located next to Gomers at 3828 Broadway, is a super place.  Better than super, it's a candy store for adults.  They are a real, old fashioned butcher shop that will cut meat to your specifications.  They feature any type of protein you need to get your dinner started right.  The prices are just a tad more than what you would expect to pay a grocery store, but the quality can't be beat.  Take the meaty challenge!  Grab a KC strip, knock the ice off of your grill, cook that bad boy up, and be hooked for life. 

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