What goes up...

Time for a quick check of the food world in a segment I like to call five up and five down.  In true ESPN style I've included five good things I've had or noticed and five crappy things.


1)  The chorizo and fig filled chicken thighs at Extra Virgin.  Addictive...

2)  Natty Light as a summer yard beer.  PBR is way too mainstream now.

3)  Patios with shade and/or fans.  This global warming shit is making it tough to eat outside in KC.

4)  Restaurant Makeover shows.  Can we recommend some KC area places for these type of shows?

5)  Diverse Beer Selections.  Gone are the days with only Bud Light and Miller Lite on draw.


1)  Imo's Pizza.  I grew up on the east side of the state but this stuff is overpriced yuck.

2)  Coupon sites that advertise daily deals.  The restrictions and options  on these things have become silly.

3)  Miller Lite punch top cans.  If I need to shot-gun some swill I have a pair of keys handy.

4)  Big menus.  K.I.S.S. principle thankfully taking root in KC restaurants.

5)  KC Royals Beer Prices.  Beer prices went up at the K this year + same old losing = T-Bones game instead.

1 comment:

Evan Stange said...

Agreed on the chorizo/fig thighs!

And on number 3! On one of the few nice days/year we get around here...I will eat at a mediocre restaurant with a patio before I eat indoors at GOOD restaurant!