Check Please! KC

Everyone knows that one of my favorite shows is Check, Please! Kansas City. I mean it's one of my favorites, period. I'll take this show over anything on the Food Network any day.

I guess they sorta dig our blog as well because I've been asked to appear on their "Best of" show on March 8th. I'm not sure how it will work out because I've been told that I have a face made for radio (that's a compliment, right?), but I'll whip out my favorite lime green leisure suit and hit the TV airwaves on March 8th. My witness protection program handlers may not be happy, but I'm looking forward to the opportunity to talk about food in the KC area.

I also plan on getting a year's membership to KCPT to help support Check, Please! and the cleaning bill on that Clifford the Big Red Dog suit. (That thing has got get a bit ripe!)

I encourage all eight... I mean eight hundred thousand of our loyal blog followers to think about donating something as well. If you fork over $90 you get a card that gets you tons of local restaurant deals like buy one meal get one free.

I will be sure and provide a post-show recap including how many bottles of wine from the bar in the background of the show that I consumed during the filming. The over/under is three.

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