Eating your way through K.C.?

So let's say that you have a friend that walks out of the Amazon forest and plops down in Kansas City. I'm not sure why you have a friend that lives in the Amazon, but maybe you are much cooler than the Dos Equis guy and you have an abundance of unusual friends. Anyway, he's been never been to K.C., or civilization for that matter. Where would you take him to eat in our fair city. Not just for the best food, but for the best variety of meals. Being from the Amazon he doesn't really care about whether the food is from a local joint or a chain. He just wants grub he's never experienced.

So I've created a very unscientific list of the top 20 places I would take my Amazon friend. These places may not be the best at what they do or even the most unique, but they would provide him with a good cross-section of Mid-America. Oh... and as usual the 20 are not in any particular order.

1. Arthur Bryants - The original location;
2. Gates - The main street venue (the above two so he could judge the KC BBQ battle for himself);
3. Flying Saucer (for the unique German "lite" fare and an abundance of beer selections);
4. Applebee's (to see first hand what an American chain is all about);
5. Thomas (to chill on the deck in the spring);
6. Minsky's - Main Street location (to see a local pizzeria in action);
7. Grand Street Cafe (to see an upscale eatery with great service);
8. Bluestem (to experience an upscale eatery with less than stellar service);
9. T-Rex Restaurant (to help him feel at home with all of the wild animals and such);
10. The Beer Kitchen (the best lunch deal if you make sure to get there before 1pm);
11. The Drop (good food and edible shots... enough said);
12. Garozzo's (for a great taste of Italy... American style);
13. Tower Tavern (still the best sliders);
14. Ponak's (take your pick on the Boulevard, but this Mexican joint will suffice);
15. Extra Virgin (the pig's ear salad and other unique offerings will keep him happy);
16. A hot dog at the K (being from the Amazon I can convince him that having the least amount of runs is actually winning in baseball);
17. Kansas City Cafe (pretty good lunch fare at a great price);
18. Gruneur ( Not sure if I spelled it right... Don't care because the food is top-notch);
19. BK at Power and Light (fast food and a beer... kinda funny in a European way);
20. Any Mongolian Grill type place but my favorite is the one on 39th Street (don't eat for three days and then destroy this place...).

The list doesn't hit the best of KC, just a cross-section of what I would show my Amazon friend. If of course, I was the most interesting man in the world and has a friend from the Amazon.

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