Spring Time Fling

So our blog has been a little... dormant... over the last few months. Probably due to a lack of interest in new KC food joints coupled with some really poor spring weather. But with sunny skies comes new food energy.

Recently, I hit up The Kansas City Cafe. This small bistro has been serving primarily lunch crowds for a few years in the downtown area. Just a few blocks from the Sprint Center, the KC Cafe does the most with their quirky location. Quirky, because there aren't a ton of other nice eating options located immediately nearby and their parking lot will bring back memories of a bumper car carnival attraction.

The food and menu, however, set this place apart from the nearby Power and Light district. I heard about this place from our local TV show, "Check Please". It was billed as a solid lunch time eatery with reasonable prices on some truly chef-inspired food options. After my visit I couldn't agree more.

The dining room is a firm mix between casual and slightly upscale dining. A great touch is the place mats which feature pictures of downtown buildings along with some trivia of said locations.

While featuring a pretty snazzy looking bar area, the drink menu was sorry. No one is asking a primarily lunch type venue to feature 40 beers, but 10 -12 isn't too much to ask for. Most distributors will even sell by the case, so why not try stocking a few extra beers (besides Bud Light, Miller Lite, Blvd Wheat and Pale, and Stella). They may have had one or two more than what I listed, but not by much.

The food menu is what truly makes this place special. The food is very economically priced and features such fun dishes as Lobster Cakes and Coconut crusted Tilapia. I went with the Teriyaki Cheese Steak for a measly $6.50 and my lunch mate went with the Fish Tacos for 7 bucks.

The Cheese Steak was really good. The Fish Tacos provided great flavor as well (although the fish came out as a large un-sliced tilapia portion. I like my Fish Tacos sliced up, but that may just be a personal preference thing).

As the Kansas City Cafe says on their web site, it really is Gourmet food at "Value Meal" pricing. Why anyone would order a damn McDonald's value meal for 7 bucks when you could get a herb grilled chicken sandwich with homemade pasta salad for the same price is amazing to me.

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