The Great Chocolate Ale Hunt

Recently our local hometown brewery joined forces with local chocolate guru Christopher Elbow to create a Chocolate Ale. While fans of Boulevard know that they have embarked upon an aggressive "smokestack series" designed to highlight beer full of flavor and high octane punch, this brew has created a frenzy of sorts.

This brew features a soft tone of chocolate mixed with a soothing ale mouthfeel. At least thats what I think it tastes like. You see, this beer has some major mass market appeal. And everywhere it shows up at it is quickly snatched up. Gomers sold their multitude of cases within hours. Other places jacked the price up like it was the last gallon of water on a Sahara Desert tour. Still others had the gall to charge 10 bucks for the first bottle and 20 bucks for the second.

All in all, capitalism won out and it seems as though the entire supply of Chocolate Ale has been snatched up. Maybe it's a ploy by Mayor Funky to keep metro residents focused on something besides the upcoming election?

If there is any good news on the horizon it is that the Chocolate Ale will be hitting taps around the city soon. And maybe then the Great Chocolate Ale Hunt will be over... until Boulevard pairs up with The Peanut for BLT Beer. I can dream can't I?

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