18th & Vine, Lee's Summit and P&L it's all your fault! We're just victims.

The Peachtree in P&L closed! Who didn't see this coming? The owners that's who. What did you think was going to happen when you moved to P&L? You sold out! You forgot the people who brought you up in the first place. Did you really think the largest, suburban destination hangout in town was going to support soul food? Where are you going next? Leawood? Please.

"The Power and Light district location was leased for Roy, my son, who wanted to remain close to the African American community and felt African Americans should have a presence in the P&L district."

I guess remaining close to the African American community means moving to the biggest white tourist trap in the city?  I guess remaining close to the African American community means abandoning an historic black neighborhood?

You chased the Cordish dollar and it ran you over. Now you cry about your poor business decisions in attempt to regain some credibility in the community. Always good food, always poor service and management.

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Midtown Food Guy said...

Agreed. Cordish sold them on moving to P&L so they could claim that they are helping local businesses when we, the taxpayers, have to foot the bill for the bonds on that place every year. Great food, bad everything else.