A post about tired posts is..... also tired

Here is a list of fresh topics for local food bloggers. Just pick one and start writing. It's that easy.

1. Gas station eats
2. New cupcake boutiques
3. Anything Christopher Elbow or Ryan Maybee touch
4. Hip new "artisan" pizza places
5. Places to get an overpriced burger
6. Hotdogs
7. Tio
8. Mixologists
9. Recent closings of national chains
10. Brunch
11. KC's best BBQ


Aaron said...

Hands down the best brunch in Kansas City is Figlio on the Plaza.Sunday 10:30 to 2:30. if you've been there for this, the holy grail of all brunches, i'm sure you'll agree.I seriously don't think anyone can even come close the the amazing offerings Figlio has for their brunch.

Fresh Fish Creative said...

Aaron, give me a break. Brunch is about quality, not quantity. Hair and CARD BOARD have been in the brunches we went to at Figlio's. Benton's is a little more, but a lot better. And any day of the week, I would rather go to Happy Gillis.

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