So overdue it's embarasing

When Thai Place opened in Westport some time ago (8 years?) I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. I'd eaten many Thai meals prior to Thai Place so I was delighted when I noticed they had taken over the space that was occupied by The Classic Cup in Westport. I raced in and haven't left yet.

I ate there constantly and quickly became friends with most of the employees, and the owners Ted and Pam. The food at Thai Place is always very, very good and super consistent. I've had most of the menu items and love them all. In my opinion Ted and Pam make the best Thai food in town. The dinning room is classy, dark and elegant. The kitchen is unbelievably clean and organized. They hire wonderful, efficient people who seem like they are all family.

If you haven't been to Thai Place, get your ass in there. If you have been there before, get your ass in there again. You will enjoy your visit, I promise. Thank you Ted and Pam for being so good to me over the years, I look forward to many, many more years sharing food with you and many more years of friendship.


Midtown Food Guy said...

You need to take me up there sometime for lunch. I need a guide to the orient as I'm not much of a Thai food guru.

Aaron said...

There are two restaurants left in Westport worth the trek for me; Thai Place and Matsu, in no particular order.Why? because i love a sure thing. Gojo's,in my opinion is played out and most of the chef's don't even do the juggling act anymore(ha!). They seem to have aquired the hurry up and get out so we can re-seat your table attitude, my ice cream was on the table 5 minutes before i even finished my meal....jeeesh. Of course these restaurants are apples and oranges but Matsu may be papaya.