Back to the Grind

That's right kids.... I went back to Grinders.

My visit was just that, a grind. I had a friend in from out of town, a former Kansas Citian. When she said she wanted a Grinders philly for lunch yesterday I cringed. Since she was a visitor, I reluctantly agreed to go. There is a last time for everything.

Of course lunch started out with shitty service, we didn't see a waitress for 10 minutes. 2 philly sandwiches, two half orders of tots and two sides of Wiz for the tots. The phillys came out first. When I picked up the sandwich, the entire one ounce of meat fell out of the bottom of the bread into the basket. I thought damn, did I really come back here? When I put the meat back in, it filled barely a quarter of the stale bun. I tore off 3/4 of the the stale bun down to the meat, and ate what was left.

A couple minutes after I finished the "sandwich" someone (not our waitress) came over to ask how everything was.  We inquired about the status of our tots and she said, "Oh, the cook put your Wiz on the tots so he had to remake the orders". She had to ask if everything was cool? If she knew about the tots, why didn't she just come over and apologize for the wait. Grinders don't apologize for shit, it's your fault you came in. The tots came out hot, fresh and ten minutes too late.

I don't get it, the place was nearly empty. I saw at least three guys "cooking" behind the bar. They must have been  too busy talking about their ear gauges, tattoos and scruffy beards to do any serious cooking. This place is a big, fat, hipster joke, and the joke is on us! Screw this place and the super cool Vespa it rode in on. They just don't f*ing care.

Ok, I'm done now.

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Midtown Food Guy said...

The real joke is on you for going back during the winter. Without the great patio/deck available the place isn't very good. Oddly enough the joint next door (owned and operated by the same people that own Grinders) is pretty good. Almost as if they a purposely lazy and rude at Grinders as part of the experience.

By the way, being rude while also being hardworkers can be a good trait (see the Peanut on Main before the old owner died).

Anonymous said...

We always eat next door at Grinders West because it's quieter and less jammed than Grinders. The joke is on both of you because you can get both menus in both restaurants.

kc food guy said...

Mmmm, both menus! Yippee! Really? Can you read?

Anonymous said...

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Fuck Grinders. Consistently terrible service, wild fluctuations in food quality and obscene waiting times to boot.

@Midtown Food Guy, I see your point about the Peanut, but at the same time the food was almost always great, esp the wings they were perfect every time.

personalized koozies said...

The thing which could be a really jock that is go there in winter season.
Well I'll never to recommend for it because that place is not so good for visiting or living...