Rules for eating out

This is all common sense. And so is the fact that I want to punch this winey little twerp in the face. Go get my pork chops and stop crying.

The post came from originally. A guy named John from DID NOT WRITE IT! Everyone happy?


John said...

In case you didn't read the post fully, I didn't even write that.

Also, thanks for the link. I'm sure all 3 of your readers will boost my traffic.

kc food guy said...

I know you didn't write it. I've been to the site it came from. Calm down. I like your site a lot. Now go get my pork chop!

kc food guy said...

Posted credit where credit is due.

John said...

Haha, I appreciate that. I apologize for the insult. Hope you get those pork chops one of these days.