It's meat bracket time!

My new favorite "food dude" Owen Morris, from the Pitch, posted this "choice" article about meat brackets. Meat vs. Meat. Everyone wins.

So Good blog has "Meat Madness".

ESPN and New York Times contributor Paul Lukas revealed his 64-meat match-up.

Lukas' bracket is here. His final four is whack! Bratwust and hotdogs beat out salami and italian sausage? I don't think so pal. And WTF Is a chicken tail?

I love these quotes from his article.

"Sorry fancy pants, but the filet is like the Knicks -- mushy and expensive."

"If you don't like sausage then you probably don't like America or freedom either."

"... and on the eighth day, God created salami."

Great job Owen.

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