Switch hitter huh? Well here is my switch pitcher!

I'll bet you've never seen this before. This could go on all night. Watch the video.

"Here's the video of Yankees' Single-A pitcher Pat Venditte baffling a hitter last night with his pitching ambidexterity.

Venditte, a natural right-handed pitcher, had a special glove made — four fingers, two thumbs — so he doesn't have to go all Jim Abbott out there on the mound."

"One day he stood at home plate in Creighton's stadium and threw a ball over the left-field fence righthanded, then turned and threw a ball over the right-field fence lefthanded," Pat Sr. said. Both fences were 335 feet away.

Of course the Yanks already have the guy in their farm system. This guy should work in the circus.

Read his incredible story here.

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