Your Waiter Tonight... Will Be the Chef

There is an interesting new-old trend in the restaurant world. Just ask diners at Ko.

There used to be a place near 17th and Summit (at the top of the hill on the Westside) called the Sunray Cafe. The guy who owned the place did everything. He seated you, took your orders, and cooked for you. The place had a couple entree choices and a couple salad choices written on a small blackboard. The Sunray was BYOB and had only4 or 5 tables. I think the owner's name was Yanni and he would cook right in front of you. The place was only open in the summer since Yanni traveled back to Greece for the winter. Very cool place.

Also, I remember a place on Main St. in the strip down from Jardine's called George's Sausage and Cheese Shop. Which is exactly what it was and it was only open for lunch. The owner George Destios (I think) would make one awesome entree per day. If you didn't want that, you ate a deli sandwich. I hear he cooks one night a week (Monday I think) down at Grinders. I really need to get down there. Maybe I'll go tonight.

These places served some of the most memorable meals I have ever eaten. I am a big fan of this new-old trend in dining.

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