Bourdain radio show? You bet your boots.

Yee Haw! This sounds like it could be good. Too bad I don't have Sirius XM.

"The show, called “Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert: Turn & Burn,” will run for five weeks starting Thursday. It will cover numerous food subjects; listeners also can call in with questions.""

If You Can’t Take the Heat, Don’t Read Me on Twitter

 Chefs be baggin on other chefs via the interwebs.

Disputes can quickly escalate. Ryan Skeen, top right, says he used Twitter to get fired by Richard Friedberg, top left. Joe Dobias, above left, Tweeted about wanting to run over a critic, Daniel Mauer, above right, with his bike.

And the semifinalists are.......

The James Beard Foundation just released the semifinalists (link PDF) for its annual awards honoring the nation's best restaurants, chefs and other food and drink professionals.

A few folks from our area earned spots on the list:

Outstanding Chef-
Michael Smith, Michael Smith, Kansas City, MO

Outstanding Restaurant-
The American Restaurant, Kansas City, MO

Best Chef Midwest-
Linda Duerr, Zest, Leawood, KS
Colby Garrelts, Bluestem, Kansas City, MO

To tip or not to tip

Do you tip on takeout orders? I think you should. Most of the cheap asses people who commented on this post don't play dat. If you fail to tip on takeout at Thai Place in Westport, Nena jumps the bar and  bites off your testicles. Really, she does. This is why the fellers from St. Lukes have no balls.

Good riddance

The Corner Restaurant closed. This should have happened many years ago when the crowds left. Hearne talks about it here. What is next for the space? Another tattoo parlor? Another super hip clothing store? Maybe retro home furnishings? I'd like to be surprised by the next tenant, I doubt that I will.


Recipes for Romance

It appears figs and chocolate get her fired up. Who knew? I always thought it was the booze.

Here is another article about aphrodisiac foods. Here comes the science.

"... figs, asparagus and cucumbers, have long been seen as erotic because of their resemblance to the male and female sex organs."


The most one sided battle ever

This isn't a fair fight.

I can't help myself

This kills me. The clap and point?

"...the whole scene played like the world’s most God-awful Fieri infomercial"

"And who takes a LIMO to Grinders Johnny Garlics? Seriously? That’s humiliating. That’s like landing a helicopter on the roof of Denny’s to get a free Grand Slam breakfast. If I was a contestant on the show this day, I’d cry."


I think you dropped something

Do you eat it? Here's a flow chart to help your decision. If you're from Huntington, West Virginia you wouldn't hesitate.

Fat City, not from the Pitch ....... the real Fat City

You're fat, but this town is fatter. Jamie Oliver breaks down and cries in this one.