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"Community Supported Agriculture started more than a decade ago as a grassroots movement to eat locally. Today the movement continues to grow to serve consumers across the metro area."

It's meat bracket time!

My new favorite "food dude" Owen Morris, from the Pitch, posted this "choice" article about meat brackets. Meat vs. Meat. Everyone wins.

So Good blog has "Meat Madness".

ESPN and New York Times contributor Paul Lukas revealed his 64-meat match-up.

Lukas' bracket is here. His final four is whack! Bratwust and hotdogs beat out salami and italian sausage? I don't think so pal. And WTF Is a chicken tail?

I love these quotes from his article.

"Sorry fancy pants, but the filet is like the Knicks -- mushy and expensive."

"If you don't like sausage then you probably don't like America or freedom either."

"... and on the eighth day, God created salami."

Great job Owen.


Cured meats.... I love you.

This place is just insane. I'll take two of everything. It's run by Mario Batali's folks and they don't mess around when it comes to curing the meat. Why can't someone open a place like this in KC?


Twitter + Kogi = One hot taco

How social media helped a Korean taco truck become famous.

"Kogi and social media cannot be separated."



McCrap sold around the world

Check out some of the stuff McDonald's serves around the globe.

"Location: Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia
The McRice Burger is a ground beef burger (or chicken fillet) served with special sauce in toasted rice cakes shaped like buns."

Michael Pollan Wants Your Food Rules

"Writer Michael Pollan, author of the best-seller “In Defense of Food,” has gained a passionate following by encouraging us to change the way we think about food. But for his next project, he wants your help."

I like this food rule, “Don’t eat at any restaurant of which there is more than just one” .

Stay away Ray.

I guess our 3 local Chefs that are up for James Beard Awards couldn't catch Rachel's eye.

I really dig this Leftover section in the pitch. Congratulations Owen Morris.


Where do the local chefs eat?

Here is a telling article revealing places local chefs prefer to eat. Notice most of the places they like are locally owned. Good stuff. Get out and support these local restaurants!

Micheal Smith likes to eat at Arun? Teddy.... you must be doing something right.

Jonathan Justus likes JP Wine Bar.... who knew?

Iron Chef Cat Cora And Wife Both Pregnant

Damn, I really thought Cat and I had something special between us. I'll take two eggs over easy please.


Amazin russian vodka tricks

If it won't play search "vodka" on the page it takes you to.


Burn in Yelp

Why doesn't it surprise me that Yelp can be bought?


Bacon Explosion guys now exploding with cash

It's good to see some local fellers doing so well. They owe it all to bacon. Someday I want to be like, "I owe it all to bacon."

Here is their website.


The Blue Whale..... amazing.

"They can weigh up to 200 tons. That's about 8 DC-9 aircrafts or 15 school buses."


Tastebud - Food for thought

How did this local food magazine get by me this long. Looks cool.

Update: These guys saw this post and mailed 3 copies to me!! Damn cool little magazine.

Conan on the traditions of the game.

Very funny stuff.

TED. The universe on a string.

These lectures from TED are totally interesting. You understand? Check out this one.