You most likely haven't seen any of these posts.... loser.

Greg Rutter's Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Something.


I found a great site today.

The site has a comprehensive food time line. It's fully "click-able"!
I find the culinary time line very interesting too. Nerd Alert!

Franken Foods

Come on kids let's patent some genetically engineered microbes! This is some crazy stuff.


Ten Thousand Pictures of You.

Very cool stop-motion video. It must have taken a year to make.

The probability of coincidence.

Was it coincidence? Probably. Here is an interesting short on coincidence.


Guess the age of these peeps.

The 100% free, lightning fast picture age guessing application.
I'm pretty good at this. Corrine here is 21. Who knew? I knew.

Party Crashes Store

Man, these Frenchies absolutely trash this store. Looks like fun.


Lost In A Sushi Moment

The effect of sending the camera around a Tokyo sushi restaurant via the conveyor, coupled with the music on this video, is quite a beautiful thing.

Dennis Wheatley and Stefan McClean were sitting in a Tokyo sushi bar when they had an idea to make this impromptu film:

Fast food from around the world

This explains a lot:


"Sausage is the basic Finnish fast food. According to a saying ‘A Finn is never too full not to eat a bit more sausage’."

Here is the link

Man Vs. Wild Fail

I've always thought this is how it goes down.

Save the Words

"Save The Words is a site that encourages you to sign up and adopt an archaic word before it's forgotten forever. "


This why you're fat

Introducing the greatest site ever!

The Bacon Explosion WellingtonIn response to the original Bacon Explosion: two pounds of bacon woven through and around two pounds of sausage and slathered in barbecue sauce with the addition of cheese and egg, wrapped in croissant dough.

Cellphone reunion

"When did you download a sack" iphone is kind of a dick!




My parents eat at Stroud's North a lot. Here is what they learned last night.

"We ate there last night. Bill told us that their "special guest" Wednesday night was Wolfgang Puck. He ate some of just about everything they had and loved it all."


Introducing.... The Bacon Alarm Clock

All of my dreams have come true. Now you can wake up to the smell of bacon every morning. That's because the bacon alarm clock cooks a slice for you!

thanks Kristie


Get your nerd on

This guy's collection of stuff is truly cool.

F*** My Life

Think you got it bad? Post about it here. Some of these posts are real bad.

Today, as I was bringing my 3 year old daughter back from daycare, she asked me where her dad was. I tried to explain that I was her father, but she answered "Not you, my other Daddy!". I've got some talking to do tonight... FML