Holy Sh*t!

Check out what's hidden in the Suburbans that follow Obama.


News Flash!!

Everyone knows by now that Vivace closed. But few of you know that it is turning into a GAY BAR! I got the scoop from Vito down at Anthony's last night. His buddy owns it.


Cajun Squirrel!!

I know this super funny chick in England somewhere and she was eating "Cajun Squirrel" chips while chatting me up. Man these flavors sound very interesting. The website is very cool too.


What a pilot!

Amazing picture of flight 1549 before the rescue team showed up.

The first suppers: A tradition of inaugural meals

After the swearing in, it's time to eat. Obama's meal, based on Lincoln favorites, joins a time-honored custom of menus from lavish to austere.


My friend's art opening

That's right folks. Jeff (Poop) Whorton paints! Hahah I know. His opening is this Friday at the gallery next to Rudy's Mexican place on 43rd. Here are directions. Food and drink provided.... see you there!


I love to hike

I went for a little hike yesterday before it got cold.


Tilt shift video

It's called Tilt Shift. Here is a video using this technique.

Here are some examples of Tilt Shift Photography.

Wikipedia explains it here.


Good Eats - Man Food Show

Probably the best show on Food Network.


The boy with the incredible brain

Check out the big brain on Brad!


Size matters for Syrian restaurant

Syria may already boast some of the world's best food, but now it can also claim the world's largest restaurant.

A meal to die for

That's right folks. It's the Heart Attack Grill.


Whack-a -mouse

This really looks like my cat Bruno.

Excited parents

Way to screw up Christmas Bobby. What a douche!

Mini Ramsey

He's not happy with the lunch you put together.