White elephant

"I clean for you and make the sex".......... I'm gunna call you Ralph.

Nari has a website!

That's right kids Nari is online! Yippeeee! Her blog is coming soon.

I asked her to be my friend on Facebook and I received no response! Yet.


Entire island of Manhatten in 3D!

This is truly insane. Download Google Earth here. (if you don't have it already, close your browser now and go ask your mommy to download it for you)

Go to Manhatten in Google Earth then check the box to turn on 3D buildings.

The 8 phases of dating

Hahaha check out the "Too Comfortable Phase".


20 hottest women Chefs

Most of these women never went to culinary school. They may be hot but they cannot be called Chefs. I think Giada should be #1 and Cat Cora #2.


This is now

How about a big bowl of now? Cool but very freaky.

Food brought them together

She's beautiful and mad about food. Here is her blog. Here is his blog. Food brought them together. Here is how they met. It's a good story.

Interview with Tony

It's kind of old but I just found it.

If we made love you'd be destroyed by the force

Funny little comic strip.